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February 2015

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Round One

Welcome to Round One of The Kingsman Kink Meme!

As long as Round One is still open, this post is for prompts/fills pertaining to the characters of Kingsman: The Secret Service film and comics.




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Harry's Coma Fantasy

I'd love to see exactly what Harry was dreaming about when he was in that coma.

Could be Eggsy/Harry, Harry/Merlin, or whatever other pairing floats your boat.

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Eggsy rescues Mycroft from Valentine's Layer

Sex not required.


Re: Eggsy rescues Mycroft from Valentine's Layer

yes times a million, and can they then run into each other again well mycroft is at the shop getting outfitted because he is the british government?!

Harry, Eggsy, and The Cell

Instead of Eggsy finding the Swedish princess in the cell at the end of the flick, how about he finds Harry instead? Harry survived that gunshot wound because of *handwave* reasons.

Eggsy is so happy to see Harry alive and well that he has to, uh, celebrate the moment. Especially after Harry offers to lick his ass.

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Filled 1/2: Eggsy/Harry - Signs of Affection

I'm bad at proof reading. And I may continue this story. That is all. Enjoy.


As a boy, Eggsy would often imagine living a life as a total badass, hero and protector, always ready with quip one-liners to put his foes in their place. While growing up he would hold-on to the fantasy as life took from him the clean joys of being naïve and young. Over the years hope of becoming something special receded away quietly, only to be replaced by obligations and harsh realities. Keeping the fantasy suddenly felt irresponsible and dangerous. So eventually he let it ebb away with the rest of the tide.

“Like you said to Harry- this ain’t that kind of movie.” Eggsy hear the words slip out as if it was the most natural thing to possibly happen. He sees half of a satisfied grin on Valentine’s face before it goes blank and lifeless. Eggsy walks away shaking and for the first time acknowledges the rushing adrenaline responsible for his continual mobility and general uprightness. Harry hangs in Eggsy’s mind and he mourns the name as it left his lips. What would he not give to have cause for speaking it again.

Eggsy remained silent while making his way through the maze-like halls of Valentine’s bunker. He is aware of the warm static transmitting from Merlin, who is alive and online. He suspects Merlin is only keeping quiet to allow him a buffer of self contained readjustment. He is grateful.

“I think that counts as a success.” Eggsy finally says halfway down a hallway of headless henchmen, signaling he has recollected himself.

“As well as first missions go I suppose… I’ve seen cleaner jobs.” Responds Merlin, dryly as usual.

“There’s always something… ain’t it. So hard to please - ” He stops short. A door, seemingly to a prison cell, has caught his attention. The same door that provided him with modest shelter while he struggled for a last-ditch effort to not get killed. There is some debt to be paid he thinks. He veers off course and goes for the door. Unsurprisingly, it is locked. “Uh… Merlin. Can you get the code?”

“2427. But you should really come back to the plane. I can’t see what’s behind -”

Eggsy punches in the code despite Merlin’s warning. Somewhere within the metal frame the lock buzzes and the door swings open. The cell is warmly lit. Incandescent light floods against the unfinished walls, creating long and strange shadows out of the jagged rocks. There is a man lying in a hospital bed, his face obscured by darkness. A standard myriad of machines and IVs were hooked onto him. He was deathly still. Only the faint beeps from his mechanical companion indicates life.

Eggsy walks in cautiously. The shadows are getting to him. And then he sees – and so does Merlin. He hears Merlin’s quiet gasp before a tidal wave of adrenaline resurges in him. He feels his body react before his mind catches up. It is Harry. Elated panic cascades through his every nerve ending. He reaches and he has him again.

Harry's name leaves him like a mantra, and with the urgency of fleeting a nightmare.

“Harry…” Eggsy whispers repeatedly and blindly. It has become his entire vocabulary. His hands, as if searching, brushes over Harry body in haste, finally ending on the side of the man’s face. He looks drained and disheveled, despite which Harry’s quiet dignity, something Eggsy has always found so very attractive, is intact.

His excitement of seeing Harry alive is quickly overcome by a tremendous amount of affection, and quite possibly, love. After brief consideration, he ran a thumb over Harry’s hairline, and decided to allow himself the simple pleasure of kissing the man on the lips.

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Sharp Dressed Man

Harry remains with Eggsy to observe the fitting of Eggsy's new suit. Shenanigans happen.


Merlin/Eggy, Mile High Club

Because Merlin and Eggy totally had sex on that plane.


Re: Merlin/Eggy, Mile High Club



How each of the Kingsman dies

The final moments of our beloved Kingsmen. Preferably seen through Merlin's eyes. Having him being the last left alive is satisfyingly tragic. Bonus points if Harry lives to die another day. Double bonus points if Harry dies saving Eggsy (Harry/Eggsy).



Re: How each of the Kingsman dies

Why do I want this???????


Harry/Eggsy/Merlin threesome

Exactly what the title says. Eggsy,Merlin and Harry having sex, hopefully with double penetration of Eggsy


Eggsy/Dean (Stepdad) Warnings: Rape(Non Con)

We all saw Eggsy's stepdad smack him around in the movie and how Eggsy was scared, put his hands up and didn't fight back. Can someone write a fic looking into that abusive relationship with Dean using Eggsy sexually to show his dominance and strength? Make it rough and painful - I want to see how broken Eggsy was before Kingsmen saved him. will Even take Harry being able to hear everything like in the movie. Please and thank you!

Re: Eggsy/Dean (Stepdad) Warnings: Rape(Non Con)

YES! Need


Harry/Eggsy, Self-control training with masturbation instructing, dub-con, edging/orgasm denial

As a part of the Kingsman training, the recruits are taught self-control. For Eggsy, this means getting naked in front of Harry and Harry telling him how to pleasure himself in a chair. Eggsy's not allowed to come until Harry allows it. I would like it if Harry retained his composure through the whole thing, only a tent in his suit trousers showing he's affected at all.

+Bonus: After the masturbation, Harry moves onto oral. Eggsy still has to control himself.


Re: Harry/Eggsy, Self-control training with masturbation instructing, dub-con, edging/orgasm denial



Harry/Eggsy, Sentinel/Guide AU

Harry Hart has never met his perfect guide until Eggsy.

+Harry lives
++when he was forced to zoned out by Valentine's device at the church its Eggsy who pulls him out of it so he could get away
+++but it caused Eggsy great damage (1.the distance between them is way out of Eggsy's limit & 2. the neuro wave of V's device also affects him when he tried to snap Harry out)
++++Harry saved the world with Merlin and Lancelot instead
+++++Hurt/Comfort with happy ending


Re: Harry/Eggsy, Sentinel/Guide AU



I'd be really interesting in seeing something that explores Eggy's relationships with his mum's boyfriends, prior to and including Dean. Was Dean always an arsehole? Was he better than other boyfriends. Perhaps one was a nice guy who wanted to move them off the estate. Maybe one was a bit over friendly with Eggsy. Or perhaps Dean enjoys dominating Eggsy in other ways. Maybe Harry finds out about the exes.

Bonus: Harry is slowly falling for Eggsy, but doesn't know how to approach him without seeming like another rubbish father figure.


seconded! Im really interesting about this too.


Story were either Merlin, harry (Harriet) or Eggsy are female. The rest is up to you. x


Harry/Eggsy a different meeting au

So I was thinking: what if Eggsy and Harry met under different conditions? If Eggsy's mum and Dean died in a car crash (sorry, Eggsy's mum) and the social services'd try to get Eggsy's sister (I think her name is Daisy?) away, since he doesn't have a steady job, so no steady income either, so that's why Eggsy uses the favor, not to get out of jail. And Harry would appear, like a very fine dressed geenie, and in no time at all, gets Eggsy a flat, a good job, daycare for Daisy, and runs of the social services. And that should be all, only Henry is always drawn back to the little family of two: only to check on his dead comrades last relative of course. But every time he comes back from a mission, the first thing he does is always to go, and check on them. Truly, he becomes a part of the family, so much so that he has his own mug, and clothes and whatnot over. And when the time to nominate a new agent comes, he doesn't even consider Eggsy - because who would take care of Daisy then? But he does ask Merlin for one of the puppys that didn't get a companion, and gets it for Eggsy's birthday (it totally would be JB) and in the end I think him and Eggsy'd get together, and live happily ever after. Or not... Up to you, future writer:)


Re: Harry/Eggsy a different meeting au

The thing about seeing a person's life flashing through their eyes right before they die is true, though not in the way you'd expect. For Harry, it starts off, not from the time of his birth, but rather the first time he meets Eggsy;his mind supplies a catalog of memories, each more precious than the next.

When they met, the man flashed through a varying number of details about the boy, a skill honed through years of training. The boy had lines near his eyes from a lack of sleep. He slouched, as if carrying the entire world on his shoulders. And when he spoke,it was with such wariness, disbelieving that the man before him actually existed.

Through a series of visits, he becomes closer to Gary ("Call me Eggsy; everyone does.") Unwin and his sister, Daisy. She's a precocious child, insistent on pointing at things and going "mine!" She does so at her books "Mine", the telly "Mine", her brother "Mine", and as the time passes, Harry himself "Mine."

Eggsy, in his own way, can be quite precocious. Having had to raise Daisy, he's been forced to act older than he was. Sure, he still wears awful clothing that Harry insists on replacing for him ("Ya already done enough") and talks much more gruffly than one can expect from a teaching assistant, but he can also take care of the bills, and do basic chores like cleaning and cooking, which was a big surprise when Eggsy made him dinner for the first time. Eggsy has always surprised him.

Little by little, he finds his thoughts at work eroded by images of Eggsy and Daisy and the little home that they've made together. And it was truly that-something that they made together. One night spent over there, tired from his mission, and full from the duck that Eggsy fed him, he stays over. One night turns to another. Soon some of his more personal items come with him, sometimes accidentally, other times because it's practical.

On one of these nights Eggsy asks them what they're doing.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, s'not like it's exactly normal for two grown men to have sleep-overs, is it?"

Those words gave Harry great pause. He didn't realize Eggsy didn't care for him sleeping over. He thought they were fine.

"I'm sorry. I really shouldn't have impugned on your generosity. I'll go."

Harry got up to leave, his coat hanging from his arm.

"No, that's not what I meant," said Eggsy getting up as well.

What Eggsy meant was made much clearer to him, when he grasped his arm, smashing his mouth agaisnt Harry's. The coat fell when Harry wrapped his arm around Eggsy's waist. They manage to reach Eggsy's bed which would become THEIR bed. They spend the night simply kissing each other, the hands dancing across skin. And when Eggsy looks at him, he looks like he can't believe that Harry exists.

And from then on, all his nights were stayed at Eggsy's house when he didn't have a mission. Even some of his mail came into the letterbox occasionally, though they're addressed as Mr. Haerth instead of Hart.

When the new Kingsman candidates come in, a spare puppy is left over from one of their trials. The pug, mistakenly thought to be a pitbull by Eggsy when he first sees him, is named JB and welcomed into the family. He gets a red food bowl bigger than him, and a bed near the fireplace. Usually the dog sleeps with him and Eggsy. Almost always, he's dressed up in something ridiculous (a tutu if dressed by Daisy, a mini hoodie if by Eggsy. Harry would never do something so silly. He gives him a little tie so as he can look semi-respectable).

All these images flash before Harry's mind when he's faced with Valentine's gun. But the most recent is of Eggsy kissing him good-bye before work and thinking that he'll tell him what he really does for a job later.


Harry/Eggsy, Groundhog Day

Eggsy relieves a day (it's your choice if it's from the movie or made up), over and over.
I dunno, I want Eggsy being frustrated with everything and that his attraction to Harry just keeps growing and, at some point is corresponded.
Bonus for sexy times. :D

Re: Harry/Eggsy, Groundhog Day

oh this is a great idea. Just need some tweaking for the hours in the day, but part might be doable.
Might take you up on this, it is a good prompt so far. :)



'Cause yep, I really think it should be a thing now. Of all the rentboy!Eggsy, it would only be fair to have a rentgentleman!Harry.

Preferably bottom!Harry pleeeeeeeeeeeease


Re: RentGentleman!Harry

Bottom!Harry yessss

Eggsy Unwin's Diary

Because I love Colin Firth and recently watched this movie solely for him and him only, I'd love to see a Kingsman Bridget Jones Diary AU. Eggsy could totally play the part of Bridget in this case, and Harry as Mark Darcy (seeing as they're played by the same person haha).

Like, Eggsy meets his father's old friend and thinks he's a prick and starts dating posh Charlie while Harry starts falling for him, etc., you know if you've seen the movie!

Any side pairing, just Harry/Eggsy as end game!


Merlin/harry whump, hurt/comfort

Merlin and harry are on the run in the middle of the woods in germany after being captured and tortured by a german extremist group. Merlin is in pretty bad shape (developing sickness from being held captive, septic from injuries etc) so harry has to keep them both alive until help comes. The dire circumstances force both men to confront feelings about one another and their friendship therefore evolves into something much more. Focus on recovery please and the lengths merlin has to go through to get better.


Merlin/harry whump hurt/comfort

Merlin has been missing for 6 months until he is found by the kingsman. He is broken in both the mind and the body through various methods such as sensory deprivation, isolation and other mind games. Will he be able to overcome the psycological damage or will it swallow him whole? Harry is determined to bring back the old merlin however way he can without breaking him further. His love runs deep and there isnt anything he wont do for his love.


dark!Harry, unrequited love

unrequited Lee/Harry, unrequited Harry/Eggsy

Harry missed the grenade on purpose, knowing Lee would sacrifice himself, as an easy way to get rid of an annoyance.

Then he falls for the man's sweet, despairing son and learns what hell it is to utterly adore someone who will never love you back.


Re: dark!Harry, unrequited love

Holy frick seconded madly!


Harry & Eggsy (slash or gen) - faked death, manipulation, unforgiving!Eggsy

Months, or years, down the line, Harry comes back. From the dead. Only he wasn't really dead.

Eggsy is not amused.

And okay, sure, maybe it was all for some complex plan to get things that needed doing done or what-the-fuck-ever, maybe it was for a really good reason - or maybe not, because honestly there have to be some other less complicated courses of action than faking your fucking death, like reasonably speaking, that should be the last fucking resort.

But Eggsy, he honestly doesn't care. Because he's rather tired of the people he depends on or looks up to or cares for/loves, hurting or leaving him.

So far as Eggsy's concerned, Harry Hart died. He went to his funeral months/years ago, grieved for him, mourned him every day since, spent countless night laying awake remembering that footage.

So, yes, New Arthur, Eggsy's pleased to meet you, but no, thank you Arthur sir, Eggsy won't be staying for a drink and no, he doesn't want to talk.


Re: Harry & Eggsy (slash or gen) - faked death, manipulation, unforgiving!Eggsy

Yes, please! It always drives me up the wall in the fixit stories where Eggsy forgives Harry everything in a heartbeat - I mean, he is a self-reliant, mature, life-hardened person, not a needy crybaby,who cannot function whitout Harry! So seconded!


Eggsy saves Harry

Yes, instead of the usual Harry saves Eggsy, I'd like to see Harry as the "damsel in distress" for once - while still remaining in character, of course - and Eggsy being the knight in bulletproof suit instead.

No sex required, but if it is a must, bottom!Harry please?


Hartwin, superpowers

Only a handful of people know it, but Eggsy can read minds and, in a pinch, control them. That's how he knew the bullets were actually blanks, that's how he was immune to Valentine's signal and saved Harry from himself in the church, that's how he knows when Harry's thoughts about him become more than mentor-ly. How does this play out in the rest of his life? Does Dean know and threatened to kill his mother and sister if Eggsy took control of his mind? Could he tell that Harry wasn't just "some posh bloke" when he walked out of that police station? Are there some people who he can't read? Who and why? Are there others like him?

Show me Kingsman with Eggsy reading minds.


Charlie's into Eggsy

Romantically or sexually or both I just want Charlie, the ever posh prick, despairing over this cute fucking chavvy who calls himself Eggsy of all things. Anything else can happen just as long as the it has the above happening. (If porn I'd appreciate bottom!Eggsy though)
Please and thank you :)

(extra points if its one-sided bc im a terrible person)


Re: Charlie's into Eggsy




Because reasons okay? (i love steak what am i doing)


Eggsy/Any, Omega Eggsy BAMF, ABO

New recruit to Kingsmen. Could be a new knight, or it could be a canidate. The recruit is an alpha, and assumes that the Kingsmen are all alphas, maybe a rare beta, and is shocked to find an omega in the halls, particularly an omega who is on the verge of heat.

You can make the new recruit a snob or a nice guy with bad ideas, I don't mind either way, but what I really want is the shock and confusion at omega Eggsy being not just a Kingsman, but one of their best agents. And that he can use his heat against others.

Inspired by this excerpt from azrielen's "The Gentleman's Guide to Heat": Without suppressants, he learns to use his heats. The few days of ramping up before a heat are his favorite. The siren scent of an omega on the edge is enough to loosen the tongue of most alphas or to lure them wherever he wants them so that another team can take over whatever dirty work follows. He plays it fast and loose, riding the searing razor edge of his own hormones, senses sharpened by feral mating instinct. On the day before his heats, he’s a one-man wrecking crew, glorying in explosions and massacred bad guys. He might be getting a bit of a reputation. It’s fantastic.


RE: Eggsy/Any, Omega Eggsy BAMF, ABO

Seconded with Hartwin couple. The newbie doesn't know Eggsy is off the market.
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